Our Story

Our aim is to create high-quality functional designs that preserve the beauty and artistry of each live edge wood slab. Every custom piece is handcrafted with pride, and attention to detail, to make it one of a kind.

the inspiration

Naturally Inspired in Muskoka.

We are a small, family business committed to honesty and excellence. Our hope is to capture the history of the tree, and preserve it in the beauty of the wood.  Each piece is designed and handcrafted in our Muskoka wood shop, inspired by nature and created with pride.

Quality craftsmanship is our priority. We strive to make things unique and a little less ordinary. Our aim is to be artistic and thorough in design. Whether making a small serving tray or large dining table, the same care goes into the work.

Our Discovery

We strive to use locally sourced wood and eco-friendly materials that emphasize the sustainable nature of the wood.

We love working with solid, live edge wood and find each piece to be intriguing. Every species is unique. It may be the blonde of maple, the markings of spalted, the heartwood of cherry, or the grains of beechnut, black or claro  walnut, but one of them will speak to you.

We find the use of epoxy as an opportunity to add a modern flare of colour and personality to a living work of art.

Our goal is to create custom pieces that bring life back to the wood. We enjoy the opportunity to make an idea, become a reality.

Our Mission

Our promise is to give exceptional attention to detail when designing and finishing any work. Our goal is to provide the customer with a piece that is a reflection of their idea.

We are grateful to be living in this community and our hope is to express some of the natural beauty of Muskoka in our work.

Meet the Craftsman

My background is in geological exploration, so I have spent many hours roaming over the rocks and through the back woods of this vast country. I appreciate the uniqueness of each forest, and the origin of its growth in nature. As I work with the wood now, I hope to reveal some of that history and create pieces that will last a lifetime.

Today, I explore new ideas.

Kevin Lillie

Founder of Living Edge Design Co.

The Living Edge Team

Kevin Lillie

Canadian born, Ontario raised, rooted in Muskoka

Shawn Lillie

Business, marriage, and life partner extraordinaire

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